Living in Costa Rica

Thanks to its social and economic stability, its culture, environment, education and infrastructure, Costa Rica is one of the best countries in Latin America to live in.

This is constantly proved by studies conducted by different entities.

The Economist magazine, for example, places the Costa Rican capital of San José as the fourth city in Latin America in a quality of living ranking.

Costa Rica is the oldest democracy in the region and it is proud of having abolished the armed forces over 50 years ago.

Costa Ricans, who are also referred to as “ticos”, have peace among their principal values.

The health and education systems are also very solid, as is shown by various indicators.

State health coverage is complemented by modern private medical centers and renowned specialists that provide services not only for Costa Rican residents, but also for an increasing number of foreign patients that have discovered the quality of the services provided, and that have made medical tourism one of the areas of greater growth.

The same thing happens with education. While it is true that Costa Rican education is public, free and compulsory, the country also has numerous and excellent private centers.

Due to its yearlong warm climate, and above all due to its exuberant natural setting full of beautiful landscapes -forests, beaches, rivers, caverns, mountains and much more- and ample opportunities to practice adventure tourism such as rafting or rappelling, Costa Rica has become world renowned, and tourism has become its main industry.

By living in this beautiful country you will permanently have at your reach these attractions that thousands of people travel hours from other nations to visit.

You will also find all services and facilities in Costa Rica, including modern shopping centers and the principal international franchises.

∗Quality of life Index (Habitability) 2009, The Economist.

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