Price of sale US$1,300,000 American dollars

Property details :

  • Country: Costa Rica
  • Province: San José
  • City: Pérez Zeledón
  • Zone: La Amistad
  • Code: 3278068
  • Status: New
  • Area Ground: 11.9 Hectares
  • Property type: Estate
  • Business type: Sale

Additional Description :

This could be your Story:

The sun was setting over the horizon, casting a warm orange glow over the landscape. It was a beautiful sight, and one that the couple, John and Jane, had been dreaming of for years. They had been searching for the perfect place to start a new life together, and they had finally found it.

The property they had stumbled upon was a small but beautiful estate located in the La Amistad area of Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica. It was situated on a hilltop, giving them a stunning view of the valley below. The property was surrounded by lush tropical foliage and was home to a sparkling waterfall that cascaded down the hillside.

John and Jane were enchanted by the beauty of the estate and knew that this was the place they wanted to call home. They quickly made an offer and, after some negotiation, the sellers accepted.

The couple wasted no time in settling in to their new home. They set up their furniture and began to explore the surrounding area. They were amazed by the abundance of wildlife and the stunning natural beauty of their new home.

One of the highlights of their new home was the waterfall. It was a magnificent sight, and they knew that they wanted to make it part of their lives. After some research, they discovered that it was possible to buy the waterfall and turn it into a private oasis.

They quickly made arrangements to purchase the waterfall and began the process of transforming it into an idyllic spot for relaxation and meditation. They installed a series of water features, including a pond and a small pool, and landscaped the area to create a tranquil atmosphere.

John and Jane were now the proud owners of a beautiful waterfall that they could call their own. They spent many hours enjoying the peacefulness of their new home and the majestic beauty of the waterfall. It was a dream come true, and they knew that they had made the right decision.

This farm for sale in the Southern Costa Rica real estate market is currently producing an income from natural produce grown organic coffee right on this property!  Start your permaculture dream escape on this fertile tract of land.

This 29 acres farm is located just 30 minutes from n San Isidro del General, away from the usual tourist destinations in this region, and still only a 1-mile drive from the main highway.  Feel remote and private while still having easy access to and from local amenities and attractions.

This beautifully landscaped farm has 20 acres planted with certified organic coffee – a naturally growing commodity native to this region of the country, and 9 acres of virgin forest with one of the most amazing Waterfalls and cascades in Costa Rica.

A small cabin is situated located on the property and old restaurant construction that can be remodeled and use as an income producer, giving you a small refuge to enjoy while deciding how you want to develop the rest of your property.  Hotel, Private residential development, Banana plantation?  Pineapples?  Mamon chino?  The options are bountiful in this fertile region!


From the farm, you can reach the popular tourist destination National Park Marino Ballena just in 43 minutes by road. You will also be about 20 minutes away from the commercial hub of Palmares and just 30 from the main city of San Isidro Del General, where you will find many professional services as well as shopping, clinics, hospitals, banks, etc.





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